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Peacock is a Video discovery and delivery service. As per the published data, by 2019 video will represent 74% of the total broadband (fixed and mobile) data traffic up from around 54% in 2014. In fact video will have the highest growth of any mobile application category.
Peacock is primarily targeted for mobile users who are characteristics with smaller form factors as compare to laptops and have not so reliable bandwidth when on the move and have to live with limited battery and most importantly expects service delivery on its own rather than taking out time to search for services.
Peacock video discovery service has been designed taking care of these aspects and helps discovery and delivery of videos to a mobile consumer. It works in both pull and push mode. Peacock has been designed to work over USSD and SMS telephonic bearers thus helps mobile user to search the video of choice quickly. Though, data network can anyway be used for search or using other features of Peacock.
For Telecom operators Peacock adds a lot of value, as it profiles the data user and helps Telecom operators to deliver great service experience to the mobile users. Peacock can significantly increase the data user penetration and data usage for any Telecom operator which is the key revenue driving service these days.


a. USSD based search provides fast access to choice of content on Internet.
b. It also saves battery life with respect to the browser based search.

a. Images and Videos searched using USSD are delivered as URL over SMS.
b. One touch video preview download option.

a. Search algorithm may be configured for preferential links towards pre-defined links. This feature is useful for up-selling operator’s own content.
b. Algorithm checks for the top events for the searched keyword and makes selection based on it.

a. User MSISDN is used from the WAP header for user profiling
b. Each request is saved in the user profile database as Search History
c. User history may be used in proposing suggestions to the user to maximize data usage

a. Content searched over Internet is rendered as per format supported over requested mobile device
b. As downloading and viewing lengthy videos is not recommended over mobile device due to its impact on access data usage and battery, size of video is cut to adjust the video from the relevant position

a. Peacock has an in-built campaign engine which suggests the user as per the search history

a. User may access the personal store front of all the searched images and videos over WAP, Web and mobile app.
b. User can share, rate, view any of the image or video in the library

a. Peacock is a USSD based search service and does not charge any content.
b. Copy right of the original copy right holder is protected and published along the content presentation

Peacock Value Proposition

Helps in User Profiling

Data on mobile has become the key source of revenues, which is largely controlled by Internet service providers like Google. By launching Peacock, service provider gets the users choices and hence controls its services better on the data.

Increasing Data users

USSD search helps in increasing data user base as non data user can also make the request and hence can be provided options for data packs.

Increases Data Consumption

Peacock provides easy and faster way to search rich content of interest by the user using USSD and help in creating its own library, which can be consumed repeatedly. Downloaded videos and images are likely to be shared within community. Because of faster and easy search, auto-save in library option and sharing, Peacock results in increasing data consumption by a data user many folds.

Up-selling content store

Search algorithm provides option to the operator to check the content first on the operator’s own content store as per the searched keyword. In case relevant content is not available on operator’s content store then content is searched over Internet. This helps up-selling the on-net content.

Wifi Charging

Peacock search would be available to the entire user base whether using WiFi or mobile data network (GPRS/EDGE/3G). As Search is done on USSD and hence user is recognized and can be charged even download may happen over WiFi.

Common Search

Research has shown that mobile user does not want to keep searching for new videos on his own because of always on the move. And moreover even with smart phones, its not easy to search video of choice on all sources of videos on Internet. Peacock becomes the single window to search video of choice on the entire Internet.

Follow the Video

Mobile users gets simple option to keep getting videos of choice by just searching once. Peacock can keep sending the new videos available with either operator’s local store or on Internet to the user thus makes the entire experience simple.

Choice of Content

User gets option to download preview and hence can create content for the use in social media services.

Search – fast and battery saving

Being supported over USSD, search is very fast and saves battery for the user, which is a very critical aspect especially for smart phones users.

Blessing for low end phone users

Low end phone users who do not have the luxury of bigger form factor can search videos quite easily using USSD.


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