About Functionapps

About Functionapps

functionapps lab is an initiative to develop and implement innovative solutions and products along with technology consulting for the next generation networks. functionapps lab is a technology focused company, founded by Brij Mohan Mahendru in 2015, who has around 30 years of Telecom industry experience.

functionapps is an associate company of Spice Digital Limited (Now DigiSpice), which is a part of the Spice Global Group – a US$ 2 Billion conglomerate promoted by Dr. B.K Modi. SDL holds 26% shares in functionapps.

functionapps has a strategic partnership with MobileComm Professional Services - a US based company for RF use cases in telecom and its implementation on global basis.

functionapps lab products and solutions ranges from implementing custom use cases in Data Analytics, Network Performance and Monitoring, Business Intelligence, Process automation, Reporting & Dashboards, and Campaign Management.

Analytics is going to drive the next wave of service innovation for consumers and will also be key to improve efficiency in delivering various services to them. functionapps lab is committed to deliver a cost effective and efficient solution for Telcos and Enterprises.

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