Future of Mobile Instant Messaging Services

Deloitte predicts that in 2014 instant messaging services
on mobile phones (MIM) will carry more than twice the
volume (50 billion versus 21 billion per day) of messages
sent via a short messaging service (SMS)

This is a significantly greater ratio than in 2012, when 1:1 instant
messages were sent for every text message. It might
be supposed that the growth in MIM is coming at the
expense of SMS and mobile carriers. However despite
the burgeoning volumes of messages carried over MIM
platforms, Deloitte expects globally SMS to generate more
than $100 billion in 2014, equivalent to approximately
50 times the total revenues from all MIM services.

So MIM services may have won the battle for volume in 2014,
but SMS was victorious in global revenue terms.

So what lies ahead for MIM and SMS, specially when IMS services are being explored globally.

Keep watching this space for the whitepaper.