Multimedia Service over IMS

Real-time multi-media communication network services can be implemented using 3gpp Multi-media Telephony standard, which is the new global service standard
for real-time multimedia communication.

Focusing on fixed access, ETSI and its
working group TISPAN initiated work to
standardize multimedia telephony in 2004.
TISPAN endorsed IMS as the core network,
referring to 3GPP specifications for session
control and basic communication. TISPAN
also identified a need to extend the standards
to include supplementary services enhanced
with multimedia capabilities, which were not
part of IMS.

A parallel activity, initiated in mid-2005,
is being finalized within 3GPP to ensure that
the same service can be used with 3GPP
accesses to accomplish fixed-mobile
convergence. 3GPP maintains its own service
definition but refers to applicable TISPAN
supplementary services.

MMTel was first introduced as a concept in 3GPP
release 7 (R7), which was completed in
December 2007.

This paper describes the MMTel services in terms of the
basic communication part (media capabilities)
and supplementary services.

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