Peacock - Video Search Engine

Peacock - Video Search Engine Peacock is a Video discovery and delivery service. As per the published data, by 2019 video will represent 74% of the total broadband (fixed and mobile) data traffic up from around 54% in 2014. In fact video will have the highest growth of any mobile application category.

Peacock is primarily targeted for mobile users who are characteristics with smaller form factors and generally are not on a reliable bandwidth when they are on-the-move. Limited battery becomes a critical issue when it comes to watching video oh choice. Study has shown that these factors affects the overall video consumption of the mobile users.

Peacock video search has been designed taking care of these aspects and helps discovery and delivery of videos, specially to a mobile consumer. It works in both pull and push mode. Peacock has been designed to work over USSD and SMS telephonic bearers thus helps mobile user to search the video of choice quickly. So, Peacock is the common video search engine for a mobile user to search videos of choice anywhere on Internet OR mobile operator's storefront.

For Telecom operators Peacock adds a lot of other values. It profiles the mobile data user and helps Telecom operators to deliver great service experience based on the profile. Peacock can significantly increase the data user penetration and overall data usage of any active mobile user. Hence it helps increasing the data revenue for any Telecom Operator.