pView is a unique tool with interactive reporting and flexible rule engine based analytical module.


pView is a useful system for automating the complex processes, Correlating different sets of data and openness in implementing any use case around data manipulation and analysis.
It has several useful features to make it effective system to implement various use cases like Causal Analysis, Predictive analysis, Impact Analysis, ROI Analysis, User Acquisition process and many more.

  • Ease of defining Rules/Process to process and ingest data
  • Performs Correlation of different sets of data in efficient way , means optimizes the processing delays
  • Implementing analytic processes within defined process time
  • Implementing multi-level interactive reports with drill down

pView is an Analytic Process Automation platform.

It supports Implementing End to End data driven processes which includes – Ingest Data from Multiple sources, Organize the data in Structured and Unstructured pool, Performs Real time Operations as per defined Rules and Processes, Generating Interactive Dashboards, Perform Drill Down Analysis (Causal Analysis or Predictive Analysis, Triggers specified task OR set of tasks and helps Implementing complete Process Automation workflows


Open Framework for Rules

Power of pView is its Rule Engine. Any generic report gets a meaning when loaded on pView. This is possible using Rule which processes raw data or processed data for deep analysis. Moreover it gives power to the operational teams to retain the intelligence gained through valuable experience of personnel over years thus helps the organization to retain the intellect of key people even when they leave. This also helps the key people to ease off from the operational load while they are within the organization and can be more productive.

Flexible Data Acquisition

To extract the value from data, the first and foremost need is to organize the data in a common format which is simple to use for analysis. pView provides an open framework of in-built adapters to tap any type of data source to extract data and convert it into common and easy to use format. Not only that, new adapters can easily be deployed using the open framework technique which makes this tool highly configurable.

Configurable Reports

Adding new reports for any network element of an existing network or a new network is a simple process in pView. pView supports system wide report templates which can be used across various teams hence saves effort and time by re-using proven templates. So in pView, teams can create centralized repository of templates which can be used across teams to save time.

Interactive Reports

pview has been developed keeping the needs of an operational team. Its reports are highly interactive, backed up by patented auto-sense reports presented with Causal analysis. Other features which makes reports interactive are Configurable Derived Counters right on the report, Customized Reports for Self, Sharing while viewing, Selective Graphical Reports, Filters, Comapare Charts, Bookmarks and few more.


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