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IPAM helps in Discovering Networks, Designing IP Subnets, Allocating/Releasing IP addresses, Monitoring IP addresses, Auditing IP Addresses, Managing IP Addresses with Ports/Services mapping, Route Management and much more in the Telecom or Enterprise IP network in a very efficient and cost effective way.
Interactive What-If module for 5G Planning Use Case to discover potential 5G Sites/Sectors based on any combination of criteria like Payload Forecast (GB), Planning Guidelines (GB per User), ARPU, Utilization (GB per User), Count of 5G Handsets, Price bands of 5G handsets. What-If analysis support either based on threshold criteria for Sites/Sectors or Based on Percentile of Sites/Sectors.
Comprehensive Real Time Media Gateway Traffic Analyser to monitor required KPIs like Real time MOU, ASR, ACD, CCR, CSR, PDD, NER, CDLT_15 at Switch level, TG level with Performance analysis of Success Attempts/Failed Calls with Causal Analysis based on Cause Codes per Switch/TG. Traffic Pattern analysis based on Partners/Country (Originating/Terminating), Traffic Pattern Comparison over dynamic time range. Alert Management on ASR/ACD/MOU Surge (Switch/ITG/ETG level/Partner), Repeated Attempt Analysis, POI Analysis on ETG, POI Utilization, Traffic Reconciliation Report, Top Partner Analysis, Carrier wise & Country wise Traffic Analysis, Overflow Traffic pattern, Fraud Spike Alerts, Hubbing Traffic Analysis.
It is combination of multiple analytics dashboards –Begin with Network Experience Index (NEI) at Network Level, Sites/Sectors level. Correlation with Complaints. Fault Dashboards. Fibre Health Dashboards. Duct Analysis. Smart Planning Module.
Real Time/Temporal Complaint Analytics with Drill down from Network level to Cluster to Grids (1Km/100m/20m) overlapped with layers of Faults, 2G/4G Sites/Sectors, CM data, User information, Outage Information with Color of Grid based on range of number of complaints. Correlation of complaints with causal factors. Supported analysis is Temporal, Non-Temporal (Attribute based) and Geographical with dynamic filters and other features.
Enterprises need a detailed planning to work out targeted Campaigns. Which is a complex process of multiple steps involved ingesting data from multiple sources like MIS servers, CRM database, Billing System, Application servers and many more, apply rules and steps to create campaigns, execution of campaigns, analysing the effectiveness of the campaigns (ROI) in terms of number of Users and Revenue realized by the targeted Users. pView makes this entire process simplified and helps Automating it which significantly enhances Revenue while cutting down the operation cost.
Key objective of the SON (Self-Organizing Network) technology is to minimise cost of managing a mobile network along with bringing efficiency into the network configuration process by eliminating manual configuration of network elements at the time of deployment, right through to dynamic optimization and troubleshooting during operation. It involves ingesting data from multiple sources, defining logical steps and process to identify the Sites/Cells to be optimized, Managing Tasks to execute the configuration commands in automate manner with Real time status monitoring of Tasks using Real Time Task Monitoring Panel, Observing the outcome of the commands, Roll-Back of the commands, if needed. On top of it, it is very critical to monitor the process of SON Tasks execution and its performance as it might impact the Revenue directly. pView SON Task management module handles it effectively.
For large scale operations, thousands of Network Elements are deployed across the network these days. These numbers are going into millions with IoT. Moreover networks are becoming complex as hybrid networks are deployed like Wifi, 2G, 4G, 5G, DSL, Fibre etc to provide End-to-End services. Telcos, so far used to focus only on the Core and Access part of the network when it comes to Network Performance and Health. Services Performance have become the latest focus. It is important that monitoring systems are also upgraded to provide the Real time status of Network Elements as well as First hand User level Experience before even User experience the issue. Sensor based Network monitoring becomes so critical in providing the Network Edge status.
Web Site Access Management (WAM) is a regularity requirement in many countries to manage and block Internet Web sites as per the Government policies. WAM system handles the automation of the entire process which includes, Court/Government Orders received in mails or other channels, Raising Request Orders Tickets and managing the Ticket closure, Automate the Provisioning of the URLs/Web Sites to be Blocked – Policy servers and DNS server Provisioning, Managing SLAs by Automation of Escalation Matrices if approvals are not provided in time, Scanning of the URLs through remote devices, Distributed Network of Device On-boarding and many such complex processes. pView WAM solution is a complete system in a box.

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At functionapps focus is in development of core components which helps industry to develop various use cases for analysis or solution as a whole. Core components helps in faster time to delivery with proven production grade features like resilience, fault tolerance, system audit module, high performance with growing data size and alike. pView is an open framework system hence, it also enable knowledge management within the organisation.

a. SS7 Link Performance report (TDM & Sigtran)
b. ISUP performance report
c. SCCP, TCAP performance report
d. MAP performance report
e. CAP/INAP performance report
f. Diameter base protocol performance report
g. Diameter Charging Module performance report

a. Per site Call Drop Analysis
b. Hands-off Performance analysis
c. LTE Call performance analysis

a. Data Switch traffic performance report

a. Subscription trend causal report
b. Tone Download trend causal report
c. Revenue Leakage Analysis report

a. Home network wise In-roamer trend Report
b. Visiting Network wise Out-roamer Report
c. In-roamer Usage pattern Report
d. Out-roamer Usage pattern Report

5G network is going to open up the new opportunities in the space of private 5G network deployment and services. At functionapps our focus is to develop components to enable the deployments, benchmark those deployments, making them robust and Telco grade, pre-bundled performance packages for KPI measurements, Alarm management (Using Rule Engine), Action on events (Using APA module) and other correlation analysis features. O-RAN Enhancements required to achieve the above features are being developed and offered as solution.


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